Non Baby Friendly Jewellery Collections

Alongside the Mustard & Mint baby friendly ranges I also make a range of non-baby friendly jewellery using polymer clay, wood, brass and jesmonite. Made in small batches and all unique. 

Polymer Clay 

Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay. Mustard & Mint polymer clay earrings and necklaces during the making process the surface pattern has been rolled in, making them smooth and flat. The finished with a sanding and a polish. The handmade process means that each item is different from its partner but compliment each other and can be worn as a pair. The material is very light and hard wearing. All Mustard & Mint earrings have sterling silver earring stalks and hypoallergenic rubber backs.

 What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster or concrete. It is fun, easy to use, can be cast and worked in many ways to achieve stunning outcomes, in a multitude of projects.

Polymer Clay Care Instructions

To keep your polymer clay necklaces in tip top condition and enjoy your necklace for a long time, please follow these recommendations:

Do not wear while applying perfume, deodorant or hairspray etc.

Take care not to drop polymer clay jewellery, as it may break just like any other clay or glass object.

To clean polymer clay jewelry, wipe with a piece of soft fabric.

Avoid using any solvents or commercial cleaning products.

Sharp objects can scratch its surface.