Baby Friendly

What are baby friendly necklaces?

Baby Friendly, Never Babyish.

Strong tuggable, chewable and washable, and all made from non-toxic, BPA Free food grade silicone. I like to call our necklaces baby friendly rather than putting the label of teething necklace, feeding necklace or fiddle necklace. Sure they can be all these things, but they are also colourful and stylish silicone necklaces that just happen to be safe and baby friendly. Great for keeping your baby soothed, happy and occupied and you not wearing something ugly and babyish. No silicone unicorns or teddy bears here!

Made from strong yet soft BPA Free silicone (think of those flexible muffin trays) these strong and chewable silicone beads provide relief for sore teething gums or to help distract those busy little fingers from hair pulling and pinching skin while feeding.  


Let's face it teething sucks! It's no fun for anybody in the family, especially baby. Mustard & Mint products have been designed to help soothe babies gums, distract baby from the pain and the desire to bite, your arm, leg, jumper, fingers, your nipples (ouch!) or anything they can get their fingers on.


Do you find it difficult and damn frustrating keeping your babies attention whilst feeding? Is the cat, dog, hoover, daddy blowing his nose more interesting to baby? Do you have a nipple twiddler, hair puller or scratcher? Certainly tick, tick, tick for me! However you feed your baby, be it breast, bottle or a combination of the both, some babies get their little fingers everywhere!

A baby friendly necklace might just literally save your skin. Although this behaviour is normal and healthy part of the natural parent baby feeding relationship, sometimes its just too much!  Designed to attract the baby and help focus on feeding our baby friendly necklaces are made with a baby’s need to ‘twiddle and fiddle’ in mind. Instead of pinching and pulling you they will twiddle with your Mustard & Mint necklace. Your welcome!

Are they just for parents?

Absolutely not! Mustard & Mint silicone necklaces aren't just for parents with babies, anyone can wear a Mustard & Mint silicone piece. For fashion, sensory seeking or just as lightweight statement necklace. Everyone is welcome at Mustard & Mint. Mamas, non-mamas, baby or no baby.